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RIPALC was created to promote the exchange of information, knowledge and good practices among parliaments of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The idea of creating a network of integration and cooperation among parliaments of countries of Latin America and the Caribbean emerged during the international seminar "Use of ICT to improve services and promote networking and exchange of knowledge between the parliamentary libraries in Latin America".

The seminar took place between 19 and 21 January 2011 in Valparaiso / Chile. It was organized by the United Nations Global Center for Information and Communication Technologies in Parliament, in cooperation with the Section of Libraries and Research Services for Parliaments of the International Federation of Library Associations - IFLA and the Library of the National Congress of Chile - BCN Chile. The final report is available on

In the event, directors of documentation and information centers, ICT centers and libraries of parliaments from 15 countries gathered to share experiences and visions on how to use information and communication technologies to improve information services, to foster networks and to promote the sharing of knowledge between the  documentation and information services of Latin American and Caribbean parliaments.

As a result,the participants proposed to create the Exchange Network of Parliaments of Latin America and the Caribbean (RIPALC), which was submitted to the approval of the Secretaries General of Parliaments at the next meeting of the ASGP, held in April 2011.

The parliaments of Brazil, Chile and Mexico worked on the network structure. The web page and the technological infrastructure were developed jointly by the parliaments of Brazil - Chamber of Deputies and Senate, after hearing the suggestions of the representatives of the other two countries.

The network was then presented and approved during the meeting of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments - ASGP, held in Panama in April 2011. The final report of this event is available on

The Statute was approved and Chamber of Deputies of Brazil was chosen, unanimously, to be the network Secretariat in its first two years of operation. During this period, the Executive Secretary of ENPLAC will be exercised by the director of the Center of Documentation and Information (CEDI), Adolfo Furtado.

The ENPLAC is supported in a technology platform based on the experiences and good practices of the European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD) and the African Parliamentary Knowledge Network (APKN).

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